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Cabo Pulmo - National Marine Park

The reefs of Cabo Pulmo’s "National Marine Park“ are home to hundreds of different species of tropical fish and various crustaceans, which makes this reef system a spectacular site for divers and snorkelers. There are more than 10 dive sites in the Cabo Pulmo region but just to mention a few, here are the 2 most popular sites.

El Bajo:
This reef is approximately half a mile long and only 20 to 30-yards wide. The colors, coral and vegetation are spectacular. This reef draws an enormous amount of tropical fish as well as turtles. Surrounded by sand and thousands of Garden Eels, it is not unusual to see large Pargo and Grouper. This site also attracts Whale Sharks, Porpoise, and Manta Rays.

El Cantil:
The maximum depth is 55 feet with many small caverns where divers can spot very large Groupers and Snappers. There are many ledges and crevices where vertebrate and invertebrate species find shelter. Since Cabo Pulmo has become a protected area, large schools of bat rays have taken residence there and it is not uncommon to see manta rays as well.

Every Monday and Thursday

Price:                  $225 US each - 4 or more participants

                           $255 US each - 3 participants

                           $295 US each - 2 participants

Included:            Transportation, 2 dives, drinks, lunch and a GoPro video

Not included:      Dive equipment rental (available for $25 US at our shop)


Please contact us for further information and availibilty

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